Collateral Transfer is a dynamic way of raising high-level capital to finance commercial enterprises and specific projects. It allows the Borrower to raise secured borrowings without encumbering existing assets, or where the Borrower holds inadequate assets and security for conventional lending requirements.

Combining effectively two simultaneous facilities, Collateral Transfer is the injection of investment capital via the medium of a Bank Guarantee (or credit risk insurance) and the fusion of a lombard loan indirectly utilising the imported collateral to secure short to mid-term funding at competitive lending rates.

Allowing commercial enterprises that do not have adequate security for conventional lending facilities to raise capital swiftly for short to mid-term projects.


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Most international jurisdictions considered (please call for details)

  • Funding terms up to 5 to 8 years
  • No personal guarantees required
  • Competitive transaction and booking fees
  • Corporate restructuring services available
  • A unique and dedicated Client Relationship Manager is assigned to each application.
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