Licensed Warehousing Bail Insurance

Licensed Warehousing Bail Insurance

Licensed Warehousing Bail Insurance is a financial instrument included in the mandatory guarantees that licensed warehouse operators have to give.

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The Licensed Warehousing Surety Certificate, which was included in the legislation by the Ministry of Commerce , is offered to licensed warehouse operators by  Insurance, a specialist in Financial Insurance, and provides great convenience.

it is required to submit licensed warehouse guarantees determined and accepted by the Ministry,

guarantees”. bill of exchange) within the guarantees accepted by the Ministry of Commerce.

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  • Bill Protection Insurance
  • Protection from the risk of non-payment of credit for events of a political or commercial


Protect yourself against unpaid invoices

In business, cash flow can often mean the difference between success and failure.This is why we focus on the risk of payment delays and non-payment of invoices. Our credit insurance offer is there to protect you against unpaid invoices at home and abroad. We offer this to all sizes of companies from SME’s to multinationals.


Bail Insurance works for the party claiming the bond as a type of insurance policy, also known as a liability (in most cases, the obligor is a government agency) and is in place to protect the government and its citizens from certain losses.

Bail Insurance Definition

Collateral insurance is a binding contract between three different parties, including the principal

How Does Bail Insurance Work ?

Collateral bonds are legally binding contracts between three parties that ensure the fulfillment of obligations:

Person in need of employer  bond (Insurance Requesting Party)

Taking the job : requiring bonding

Guarantor : the main guarantee insurance company that can fulfill the obligation

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